A Guide to Teaching English in Philippines

  • Capital: Manila
  • Currency: Peso (Filipino Piso)
  • English Teacher Demand: High
  • Salary (per month): US$ 600 & up
  • Standard of Living: Low
  • TEFL Courses in Philippines: Available

Made up of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a beautiful archipelago in Southeast Asia where majority of the population speaks and understands English. In such a culture where English is considered as a second language next to the main dialect, is there room for certified TEFL instructors from another part of the world? Definitely! You can take your pick from any of the major cities in Manila, or in a region like Cebe which is known and the Queen City of the South. The Philippines has some of the friendliest locals that you will meet, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the local cuisine is excellent and there are plenty of historical places and natural wonders which are a sight to behold.

Wages & Cost of Living in Philippines

While you are busy contemplating your English teaching options in the Philippines, you will be glad to know that the average salary here is quite good. Expect to get paid US $600 per month and up – depending on the number of hours that you will work. Full and part-time teaching positions are available, and the cost of living here is relatively low. The exchange rate of Philippine peso to US dollars is quite good, so you will be able to stretch your salary, live comfortably and maybe even save some money on the side.

Requirements before Teaching in Philippines

To get work as a TEFL professional in Manila or any of the large cities in the Philippines, you need to be a native English speaker. A Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate is also required.

Accommodation Facilities in Philippines

Depending on the city where you will be teaching English, there are plenty of accommodation types that you can go for. Cebu, for example, has great beach towns where you can rent cosmopolitan quarters at affordable rates while still being able to work as a TEFL teacher. In Manila, there are hotels, hostels, apartment complexes, condominium units and other types of affordable accommodations which are available for you.

Getting Started: TEFL Courses in Philippines

Shopping malls, amazing beaches, friendly locals, a sumptuous cuisine and lushly beautiful islands – these and more are the things that you will enjoy by establishing an international English teaching career for yourself in the Philippines. So what are you waiting for? In order to get started, enrol in a TEFL certification course in Philippines now and start discovering this stunning archipelago!